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30 funded hours for 3 to 4 year olds & 15 funded hours for 2 year olds

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Acorns (6 Weeks - 16 Months)

Children in our Acorns unit are aged between 6 weeks and 16 months, although we will always consider the individual needs and stage of development of the children.

Children develop quickly in the Early Years and are born ready, able and eager to learn. We have a sensory approach to support children in this group as children of this age have a natural instinct to explore and investigate objects and people around them through their senses.

We introduce the children to a variety of activities that support all aspects of the children’s development within the three prime areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage including the introduction of heuristic baskets which consist of a variety of everyday objects of varying textures to provide opportunities for the children to explore and investigate their environment.

It is through these sensory experiences and positive relationships that children begin to learn and develop. The staff team work closely with the parent’s/carer’s to follow the child’s familiar routines from home to support the settling in process for the child.


Seedlings (16 Months - 26 Months)

It is around this age that babies become more mobile and generally start walking. The unit provides space and suitable furniture and resources both indoors and outside to support and encourage this developmental milestone.

Practitioners will plan and provide a variety of activities to support all aspects of the children’s development within the three prime areas of the Early Years Foundation stage such as, sensory play with food and creative materials, singing and dancing, circle time, stories and imaginative play.

Seedlings unit offers the children the opportunity to extend all areas of learning through a variety of opportunities and activities. All activities are planned with the individual children’s needs taken into consideration focusing on the three prime areas of the Early Years Foundation stage.

Saplings (26 Months - 3 Years)

Here children are encouraged to develop their own personality in a more structured learning environment. Although play can be adult led, children are free to choose from the many resources available for child-initiated activities.

In our caring and happy atmosphere children will be involved in all aspects of their development and our carefully planned activities will encourage the growth of confident, secure individuals.

In the Saplings unit we encourage the development of children's language and communication skills, introducing topics at circle time such as colours, numbers and shapes, talking about items of interest or their family and singing songs and rhymes. Each month we also focus on a particular story to develop their ideas and promote their interest and love of books.

At this stage, we also have potties and low level toilets to encourage toilet training when the child is ready. We work closely with parents to gain continuity between home and nursery to help the child achieve a successful outcome.


Big Oaks (3 Years - 5 Years)

We feel our role at this stage is to provide a rich learning environment and resources to encourage all areas of learning in accordance with the Early years Foundation stage Curriculum and to prepare children for their transition.

The children are encouraged to be independent, make their own choices, take risks and develop friendships with their peers. Over all the children are provided with opportunities to become confident, independent individuals ready to embrace the journey of education ahead of them.

Within Pre-School children have access to ICT equipment including an interactive table and whiteboard where they are able to access games and activities that encourage their writing and drawing skills, mathematical development, creativity and imagination.

Outside the children have access to a wide range of equipment to help further their physical skills, an outdoor classroom area for small group activities and an allotment area/woodland where they can explore and take risk safely as well as growing their own fruits and vegetables

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